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Name of research team, Swedish
 This is the main heading for the Swedish web page of the group.
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Name of research team, English
 This is the main heading for the English web page of the group.
Description, Swedish

(If available)
Description English
 Short descriptions in Swedish and in English (<800 chars) about the focus and activities of the research team.

The Swedish text will present the team in the search tool of the research database on Inforum.

Both texts act as "description text" for the external web, i.e. the text which will be presented for external search

engines like 'Google Search'. Should contain important keywords.
Contact person
 The researcher, employed at Örebro university, who is selected to be the contact person for the

group,(i.e. the research leader).
Shall the descriptions from BASIC DATA above also be used for the presentation of the

research team on the external web?
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Swedish web text

(If available)
English web text
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Web link
 Appears on the web as "More about this research team" - link.

Should direct to a web page with more information about the specific team.
Research area(s)
Research environment
Research subject(s)
 Which area(s), environment and/or subject(s) is the research team connected to?
 Other information or instructions to the research administrator
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